Presentation of CORRTEX Intellectual Output O1 on the 13th European Congress of Mental Health in Intellectual Disability – Berlin 23-25 September 2021 “From Science to practice – improving mental health in persons with intellectual disability”

Abstract of Presentation on JMDR Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

Topic: Education and Employment


Folostina,1 C. I. Iacob,1 C. Syriopoulou-Delli 2 & F. Camporesi 3

1 University of Bucharest

2 University of Macedonia

3 European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability

Background: While the number of children with learning difficulties (LD) increases, the teachers struggle to adapt their teaching methods to better suit all students’ learning needs.

Methods: Given the scarcity of resources and training in educating children with LD, especially in eastern European countries compared with more developed western European countries, this study aims at comparing Greece (N = 123, 95.7% females), Romania (N = 219, 91.3% females) and Belgium (N = 54, 77.8% females) in terms of their training needs concerning teaching children with LD.

Results: Regarding training needs, the majority (over 80%) of teachers in all three countries want to receive training on cognitive education, collaborative strategies in interacting with parents and challenging behaviours. Most teachers are worried that they do not have enough time to adapt their resources and prepare for their educational activity, and they are afraid LD will negatively change their children’s perception of school.

Conclusions: The teachers’ training needs in all three examined countries are very high regarding children with LD, even though most respondents perceived the current quality of education relatively well.

Their concerns reflect the preoccupation with optimizing teaching strategies to ensure a successful pedagogy.

From Science to Practice: These preliminary results, coupled with the tendency to digitalize education, argue the need for an online training platform dedicated to teachers who interact with LD children.

Keywords: learning disability, education, teachers, training needs, cognitive education