Aim of CORRTEX project is to enhance the training of professionals in order to inspire and develop children through rich and organized cognitive functions using effective, innovative and engaging methods. The objectives of this project include:

  1. Providing a training program to help the target group in their professional educational activity;
  2. Facilitate and support the professionals in the field of education in validating some procedures required in practice;
  3. Identify the level of knowledge and the gaps in practice through a comprehensive research on the learning difficulties and the training needs claimed by the teachers;
  4. Development of an e-training curriculum as a result of the cooperation between the professionals from 3 countries (Romania, Greece, Belgium), curriculum based on the results of the research study and the training needs of the teachers identified in the research;
  5. Develop an e-platform, accessible from any portable device to host the educational modules and develop a community of inquiry.