The University of Bucharest is considered to be the most important educational, research and cultural institution in Romania. During its 150 years of existence, it has achieved steadfast national and international prestige.
The numerous generations of students and professors have succeeded in asserting our University as one of the benchmark institutions for the whole Romanian society, as it is the first existing Romanian institution to ever reach the top 600 universities of the world.
The University of Bucharest is one of the most important scientific research centres nationwide. Within the University, there are over 50 research institutes, departments and centres, most of them collaborating with similar scientific centres abroad.
The University of Bucharest is part of a reliable network of international collaboration – 300 bilateral collaboration agreements have been signed with universities in 52 countries. Annually, there are over 1000 students of the University of Bucharest who perform various development or improvement activities within a great number of academic programmes in universities in Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan etc.
The University of Bucharest has been and still is the motor of important reformation measures for the development of higher education, which have also been taken over by other universities around the country, or which have represented the grounds for the elaboration of several laws and national regulations.