Event at the University of Macedonia On the 8th of December 2021, 30 professionals gathered in the University of Macedonia to learn more about the preliminary findings results of the Erasmus+ project CORTTEX, as well as the different ways of supporting and including children with learning disabilities.

The event was addressed to teachers, educators and professionals who work with children with learning disabilities. Pre-school, primary, and secondary educators attended the event, as well as special educators.
Professor Christine Syriopoulou presented the necessity for employing novel teaching strategies, methods, technologies and knowledge in order to improve the experience of the students, improve the learning process and cognitive development, and increase the learning outcome. The educational platform as well as the features of the CORTTΕΧ online training were also introduced.
The presentation concluded with a discussion of the features and materials included in the CORTTEX curriculum, and the next steps of the project. Numerous trainees expressed a strong interest to take part in the CORTTEX training through the online platform.
CORTTEX foresees three promotional events and three final national events over its two-year lifespan.