INTE*LEARN was founded in April 1989 by a team of experts in Computer Assisted Learning.
It aims at introducing and consolidating information technology in the educational process.

Specializes in:

  • Instructional design and implementation of digital educational environments and applications
  • Implementation of tests to measure developmental characteristics of students (ie language difficulties)
  • Implementation of tools to support the educational process
  • Research and development

During the years INTELEARN has delivered:

  • Logometro:
    Online Innovative Digital Tool for Validated Language Assessment of Children in Preschool and First School Age
    LOGOMETRO (Greek word that means Assessing Speech capability) is a Software as a Service (SAS) that was the result of INTE*LEARN's collaboration with a Scientific Team of five University Professors who designed and tested the tool to more than 1000 Greek children.
  • Educational applications:
    More than 100 titles (apps, on-line and off-the-selves published CD-ROMs) used by more than 500,000 children of mainstream and special education, covering different subjects and disabilities, such as language disorders, moderate and mild cognitive retardation, autism, and ADHD.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) & e-Learning applications
    INTELEARN is specialized in development of easy to use LMS systems which include user management and evaluation and well-designed educational content. E-learning applications are used mainly by the training departments of the private and public sector. They apply educational design that create a highly interactive and motivate, user friendly environment.